November 2019:
Castle Builders is now out of print, just 11 years after the release. Will there be a reprint? Maybe... In the meantime feel free to print your own copy!
December 2008:
Mr. Do gladly presents the second game in the Game-o-gram series: Space Dogfight.
October 2008:
Mr. Do proudly presents the first game in the Game-o-gram series: Castle Builders.
Mr. Do's game laboratory
Welcome to the games laboratory. Here you can read all about the games Mr. Do invents.

For the moment Mr. Do is focusing on the Game-o-gram series.
A Game-o-gram is a game that fits on a postcard. Preferably the Game-o-gram contains all that is needed to play.
Another important aspect of a Game-o-gram is that it should be cheap enough for everyone to buy. It should also be easy enough for everyone to learn and fun enough to play over and over again.