November 2019:
Castle Builders is now out of print, just 11 years after the release. Will there be a reprint? Maybe... In the meantime feel free to print your own copy!
December 2008:
Mr. Do gladly presents the second game in the Game-o-gram series: Space Dogfight.
October 2008:
Mr. Do proudly presents the first game in the Game-o-gram series: Castle Builders.
Castle Builders
# of players: 2
Playing time: 10 min
Size: 139 x 107 mm
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This is the first game in the Game-o-gram series.

The story
The king has ordered two builders to build a new castle for him. You are one of them.
“The award you will be given will be in proportion to the quality of your work”, the king said.
“The quality of your work”, you think. He doesn’t care about the quality, he only cares for what he can see with his eye…
You will have to build the top of the towers, for that is where the king will look first. And if you can show the king how much you have built, you will surely be given an extra award.

Castle Builders is a game where you have to think in two dimensions, play the right counters at the right time and hopefully mess with your opponent.