November 2019:
Castle Builders is now out of print, just 11 years after the release. Will there be a reprint? Maybe... In the meantime feel free to print your own copy!
December 2008:
Mr. Do gladly presents the second game in the Game-o-gram series: Space Dogfight.
October 2008:
Mr. Do proudly presents the first game in the Game-o-gram series: Castle Builders.
We ship all our games all around the world.
And since our games are so small the shipping cost is also small! No matter how many games you order the shipping cost is $2.50 worldwide.

All games listed below are in stock if nothing else is stated.
Game Price  
Castle Builders* $1.75 Out of print
Space Dogfight $1.75

* Note: Since there is a small misprint on the back of the game (not affecting the gameplay) we give you two games for the price of one. If you put 1 Castle builders in your shopping cart and you will get 2, put 2 Castle builders in the cart and get 4 etc.