November 2019:
Castle Builders is now out of print, just 11 years after the release. Will there be a reprint? Maybe... In the meantime feel free to print your own copy!
December 2008:
Mr. Do gladly presents the second game in the Game-o-gram series: Space Dogfight.
October 2008:
Mr. Do proudly presents the first game in the Game-o-gram series: Castle Builders.
Space Dogfight
# of players: 2
Playing time: 15 min
Size: 219 x 142 mm
Online rules
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Space Dogfight is a rapid two-player board game where the players will challenge each other in a brutal and ultimate space duel, using custom-made fleets of space ships.
Except from the rules, the board and the counters, which are all available on the postcard, you will need a die, an opaque cup and an opponent to play the game.
Spending your limited number of actions points wisely for movements and attacks, and with good timing, you may be able to prove that you are the superior space ship commander.
Good luck!